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Welcome backstage folks... as a thank you for taking that extra step and coming behind closed doors, we will be adding some rarities, demos, live tracks and rehearsal tapes for you to listen to.

We're always striving to try new things and experiment and this is just another way to do so.

So please check back regularly for some interesting snippets of our hidden world.

Paul / Subtract-S

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    You get to go on a date with the member of your choice. The $250 includes the dinner you have just paid for, plus drinks with any of the $250 that is left over.

    Optional extras: you have the choice of whether or not you will pay for after dinner drinks and their cab fare home (whether it's from your house in the morning or before dinner even starts).
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    If the date went as planned and you like your member of choice, the only thing you can do is move them in... now just cos we play in this great band, it does not mean we are rich and have a comfortable abode to lounge around in... so with moving them in, it basically means you'll be paying for their rent and food... all have full time jobs, so they won't be around much during the day and won't bug you for money for the important stuff like beer and effects pedals...

    Good luck catching them on bill day...
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Adelaide, Australia
Subtract S will have you dancing in spite of yourself. Everyone who sees them recognises what they are, buckets of enthusiasm and great songs you seem to recognise (which, as they’re mostly original, is no mean feat). And it’s damn hard to stand still. Drinks are spilt or simply dropped and the throng pounds up and down.

Subtract S, worth blowing your cool for....

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